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Why We're #1 for Crime Scene Cleanup in Palo Alto california

It's the result of an accident or crime scene that needs our licensed crime scene cleanup in Palo Alto california. The results are typically blood and body fluids but can also be fingerprint dust as well as other debris after an incident such as a crime in a house or the death of a loved one. It is important to use authorized crime scene cleaners because the biohazards, or blood must be cleaned. By using the biohazard cleaning equipment, you can trust us to be able to do what most cleaning businesses aren't able to do. Planning the cleaning of a crime scene, trauma scene, or unattended death cleanup is made simple with our same-day scheduling. If you find that the crime scene is under an active investigation where there is crime scene tape prohibiting entry we'll coordinate with the Palo Alto Police Department to have the tape removed. Call us to get schedule your appointment regarding your Biohazard Cleanup Palo Alto CA

california crime scene cleaning
Certified biohazard cleanup in Palo Alto

Licensed Biohazard Cleanup Palo Alto california

For any biohazard cleaning it is essential employ certified hazmat specialists. Our clients have access to our licensed specialists to make sure that any contaminants in your house are removed and cleaned. californiaHomeCleaner will clean even the most dangerous hazards that are commonly found in homes where a person has had an untimely death or incident.

Unattended Death Cleanup / Decompose Human Cleanup

If you've experienced an unattended death it means that the dead person or corpse did not come to light for more than one day. After a death, the aftermath of a corpse's decay will cause surfaces where the corpse was discovered to be contaminated. The Palo Alto's Coroner's Office will remove the body's remains in the best way possible, but generally, there is a large number of contaminants and biohazards which we have to wash and clean. Avoid trying to cover it up or clean it, and you could make things worse so you must contact us right away. californiaHomeCleaner offers 24 hours of assistance to unattended death cleanup in any residence located within 100 miles of Palo Alto CA.

Suicide Scene Cleaning Palo Alto california

With the recent increases in suicides within california and the surrounding states, we've noticed an increase in families who require our help in Palo Alto california. We are convinced that we can be an invaluable resource for families who have experienced a suicide at their home. We, with our expert staff, will assess the damage due to the blood and identify what has to be cleaned and cleaned at the house. californiaHomeCleaner provides 24hour suicide cleanup within Palo Alto california for your convenience. We are always discrete and will keep your privacy throughout the day.

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california crime scene cleaning
Certified biohazard cleanup in Palo Alto Company

Blood Biohazard Cleanup

It's crucial to realize that blood is a risk and should only be handled by professionals. Using the proper PPE equipment and applying OSHA guidelines, we are able to provide a safe option for getting blood and biohazards treated properly. Don't risk hiring companies which are not licensed. With our approved crime scene cleaning process you will receive the decontamination that you need in the moment you require it. We will cooperate with the Palo Alto Police, Property Managers, and Homeowners to ensure the security of any crime scene, suicide scene and unattended death clean up is done property. Reach our corporate office in Palo Alto now to get in touch with our hazmat cleaners.

Insurance and Costs

Costs can be mitigated in part or in full by insurance. When you contact our team who will inquire for the name of the company providing homeowners insurance or rental insurance. We've worked with a variety of the biggest property insurance carriers and car insurance companies in cases. Our experts can explain what your policy's limits are the policy you have and how it can affect the biohazard as well as crime scene cleanup cost.

Our Covid19 Policy

californiaHomeCleaner continued to meet or exceed the health and safety guidelines of the CDC and Santa Clara County Health Department as well as the california Health Department. Your safety and our employee safety are our #1 priority. If you have any special requests when meeting our staff at your property in Palo Alto california please let one of our supervisors know. All our branch offices to assist with crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup, and unattended death cleanup are available during the Covid19 Pandemic

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